July 21, 2015

I have lived and worked in the Galena Park and Northshore communities for 50 years. I have served on County Boards, PTA Boards, Retired Teacher Boards and many other community organizations. I led a staff of about 110 people and a student population of 1000 students. I hoped to be able to improve the city of Galena Park by serving on City Council.

All the new commissioners and the mayor were required to attend training. We were trained in how to legally run city council meetings and our charters were explained to us by legal experts.

I am not able to properly serve the people who elected me because of the actions of the mayor. She refuses to run a legal council business meeting.

During her campaign she violated many rules of the Ethics Commission. She has not filed appropriate campaign finance reports. She has threatened council members. She has illegally fired city workers.

In her hunger for power, her actions and the many frivolous lawsuits she has filed have cost the taxpayers $100,000 to date. She filed a lawsuit to freeze the city bank accounts. She refused to sign a contract that kept our sewer plant operating. She has lied to voters promising to lower their water bills. We purchase 90% of our water from the City of Houston. They can charge whatever they like and their fees will only go up. Shame on you, Mrs. Moya.

What has this mayor done in 13 months to move our city forward? NOTHING! What has she accomplished, besides making our council meetings and her Mayorship a laughing stock across the state? NOTHING!

WE HAVE SERIOUS OBSTACLES TO OVERCOME! Our sewer and drainage problems require a long range plan. In these 13 months the mayor has not had one planning meeting with the other commissioners to address the serious needs of our city.

This mayor is not a victim. She is a Drama Queen who wants to run the city like a Dictator. She refuses to follow the rule of law. Our council meetings are a circus. She encourages RUDE and BELIGERANT behavior. When we try to interject, she refuses to allow the rest of us to give our opinions by HOLLERING over us. She attacks us, our attorney, our police chief and the city administrator who saved the city from bankruptcy.

She cannot make unilateral decisions which involve the city assets, buildings, or resources. She must present initiatives to the rest of council for a vote. WE ARE ALL EQUAL.

The rest of the council members have records of volunteering in the community for many years. All of us have experience on various boards. What volunteer record does this mayor have?

I appreciate the 71% of the voters who voted for me. However, my voters are not the kind of people who want to disrupt council meetings and the business of the city. I have enjoyed my work with the commissioners and with the workers who keep our city going. I hate to disappoint them. I am tired of our meetings being run like a circus orchestrated by the mayor.

I refuse to be part of the Moya drama show.

I am resigning my Council position at the conclusion of tonight’s meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Lois Killough