Constable Ken Jones is retiring at the end of his term next January. This vacancy has attracted a great deal of attention and money from potential candidates seeking to fill the Pct. 3 seat.

On the Republican ticket is DAN WEBB, running unopposed in the March 1st primary, but will face the Democrat in November. Webb is a DPS special ranger.

The Democratic ticket has 9 candidates seeking the Constable’s position. One of these will prevail in the March 1st primary, or a runoff will be held later in April.

These candidates, listed as they appear on the ballot, are as follows:

JASEN RABALAIS, chief deputy in Constable Jones office, in charge of the Community Services Division and the Harris County Joint Task Force, which works out of the Highlands storefront. Constable Jones has endorsed Rabalais to succeed him;

MICHEL PAPPILLION, a bicycle patrol officer with the Houston Police Department, with 23 years supervisory experience;


JAMES L. STEWART, with 24 years law enforcement experience;

SHERMAN EAGLETON, a sergeant in Pct. 3 Constable’s office;

WILLIAM NORWOOD, a Harris County sheriff’s deputy, and bailiff at the jail;


ISAAC VILLARREAL, an investigator with the Harris County District Attorney’s office, formerly with the Pasadena Police Department;

KEN MELANCON, a 30 year law enforcement officer and captain with the Harris County Sheriff’s office.

Jones is retiring after 33 years as Pct. 3 constable, and 50 years in law enforcement.