ELECTION RESULTS: Sweeping changes in Galena Park; Tax vote passes in JC; School Bonds pass

Voters in Galena Park swept out all the incumbent councilpersons, affirming the changes they started two years ago with the election of Esmeralda Moya as Mayor. With a large turnout of 1063 voters, the unofficial results saw Moya returned to office, with 772 votes, against her challenger Dawn Fisher with 275 votes. This vote spread was also seen in the four council positions,as follows: POSITION 1: Chersky 714, Simms 309; POSITION 2: Silva 743, Hinojosa 281; POSITION 3: Broussard 723, Serna 250, Groba 60; POSITION 4: Ponder 734, Flores 304.

In other elections:

JACINTO CITY, passed the Proposition raising the Sales Tax by 1 cent, to 8.25 percent.

Galena Park ISD Community Approves $290m Bonds

Houston, Texas: The unofficial results of the Saturday, May 7, 2016 election indicate that voters of the Galena Park ISD community approved a bond package totaling $290 million. Specific proposed uses for the bond funds include:

– Rebuilding 6 Elementary Campuses

– Constructing North Shore Senior High School 10th Grade Center

– Renovating and Upgrading all Campuses and Facilities

– Acquiring Land for Future Facility Needs

The bond website will be transitioned into a bond construction website in order to provide our citizens information about the status of the bond projects.

Voters Approve 2016 Sheldon ISD Bond

On Saturday, May 7, Sheldon ISD voters approved the passing of the 2016 Sheldon ISD bond. The measure passed with nearly 70 percent of the vote.

“The Sheldon ISD voters made a collective decision to invest in their community and our schools, and for that we are extremely thankful,” said Superintendent King Davis.

Sheldon ISD is considered a fast-growth district, growing 7% this year and exceeding all projected enrollment numbers. The bond package, totaling $285 million, will include funds to address the district’s growth with projects like:

– A new high school (with the current KHS campus to be re-purposed for other district uses)

– New Elementary #6

– New athletic facilities

– Land purchases for new SISD facilities

– Parent vehicle traffic improvements at ECAs

– Extended student loading/unloading canopies at ECAs

– Playground upgrades at ECAs and elementary schools

– Renovations to the current middle schools

– King Middle School field house expansion

– Resurfacing of tennis courts

– District-wide technology upgrades

– District-wide energy management upgrades (roof replacements, LED lighting retrofits, heating and cooling upgrades)

– New buses

“Thanks to the passing of this bond, Sheldon ISD will now be able to continue planning for the future of our children by providing the much needed schools and facilities to our students and staff,” Davis said.

The district will move forward immediately with the planning process on the bond projects. To stay informed on all the bond projects, as well as other great things happening around Sheldon ISD, visit www.sheldonisd.com.