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Volunteers provide Holiday Joy to Jacinto City Health Care residents

Left to right: Esther Casillas, Irasema Salinas, Teresa Arzapala Lupita Jaime & resident Charles Scott (seated) retired after 25 years of service to the City of Jacinto City got a Christmas haircut from Teresa Arzapala.

Jacinto City, TX. Tuesday, December 20, 2016 at the Jacinto City Health Care Center (1405 Holland Ave.) volunteers from Jacinto City and Galena Park provided a Christmas party for the residents of entertainment, refreshments and gifts donated by the volunteers and their family members.

Kathy Meador and Bo Vega Activity Directors for the center scheduled the event on the Activity Calendar so residents and family members could attend.

Former Mayor Allan Jamail a volunteer of over 40 years at the center had asked Jacinto City citizens Teresa Arzapala and Irasema Ochoa Salinas (Irasema’s Hair Looks, 1416 Mercury Drive) for help with comforting residents who hasn’t any family members living nearby.

Teresa and Irasema began planning the Christmas party, Lupita Jaime (Lupita’s Crazy Energy Z Fitness 832-882-3562) of Galena Park organized her Zumba dance class to entertain residents and Payaso Chispirrin in a clown costume (Chispirrin Magic Show-832-909-4915) performed magic tricks.

Brothers Edgar Salinas used his banjo sexto (string instrument), Oziel Salinas Jr. with the accordion and their grandfather Felix Ochoa (Irasema’s sons & dad) together sang Christmas and Norteño music which is music combining elements of traditional Mexican folk song, polka and popular American music.

Melissa Armstrong the healthcare center’s new administrator said she’s looking forward to working with Jamail and the Keep Jacinto City Clean Committee’s volunteers he’s the chairman of so together they can provide the most enjoyable atmosphere possible for the residents. Volunteer’s plant flowers, register voters, assist with mail ballot applications, text photos, provide cell phone contact for residents to family members living too far away to visit the center and offer spiritual support to residents upon request.