Sheldon ISD Board approves new AD/Head Football Coach

Derek Fitzhenry (Photo by DERIK MOORE / Sheldon ISD)
Derek Fitzhenry (Photo by DERIK MOORE / Sheldon ISD)

Members of the Sheldon ISD School Board unanimously approved North Shore Assistant Head Football Coach Derek Fitzhenry as the new C. E. King High School Athletic Director and Head Football Coach in a special meeting Tuesday evening at the Ney Administration Building.

Fitzhenry is replacing outgoing Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Don Price who will be retiring this year following 41 years of service as an educator and coach.

“Coach Fitzhenry is the ideal candidate to fill this position,” Sheldon ISD Superintendent King Davis said. “He is passionate about his players – both on and off the field – and he wants to see each of them succeed in life.”

Fitzhenry is equally excited about coming to his new school district.

“Great things are happening at Sheldon ISD,” he said. “With both a new high school and football stadium on the horizon, coupled with a high student growth rate, I feel like this is a fantastic opportunity to set the framework for a competitive athletics program.”

Fitzhenry is wasting no time transitioning from his previous school district to his new one. In fact, Wednesday is his first day on the job at Sheldon ISD.

“As far as next season, you win and lose football games starting right now,” he added. “Pretty soon, our athletes will take part in what I call Panther Maker – which is kind of a boot camp that helps teach discipline, accountability, and commitment.”

Davis said it’s time to put Class 5A in the rear view mirror and focus on the present – Class 6A – because it’s here to stay.

“We have to move forward and focus on competitive sports programs that can compete at the higher level,” he added. “Ultimately, our goal is to send the Panthers back into the playoffs…and beyond.”

Fitzhenry feels that he is the right person to help make this happen.

“I can’t say enough about Sheldon ISD,” Fitzhenry said. “This is the place where I wanted to be.”