GALENA PARK CIP MEETING: Community hears about responsibility for roads

GALENA PARK – The regular monthly meeting of the CIP (Community Industry Partnership) heard from several experts in the building and maintenance of roads and drainage systems in the Jacinto City and Galena Park areas.

Speakers for the meeting included Jeremy Phillips from Harris County Precinct 2, and Lon Squyres, City Manager of Jacinto City. Additionally, Galena Park was represented by Officer Drew Scroggins in place of Commissioner Barry Ponder.

Moderator Diane Sheridan explained that the theme of the meeting was chosen because people are confused about the multiple jurisdictions that are seen on the roads. She said the goal was to determine who is responsible for construction, maintenance, ditch cleaning, flooding, signage, traffic, and law enforcement.

Jeremy Phillips said that Harris County is responsible for Federal, Market, Mercury, Clinton, and Holland with some exceptions.

Harris County has six maintenance camps, and is responsible for 1300 miles of road, 50 parks, Washburn Tunnel, and the Lynchburg Ferry. He presented a map to visually show which roads he maintains.

Working with TxDOT, he said there will be a new overpass on Federal Road at Industrial starting this year and completed in up to 18 months, costing $4.3 million.

Other Harris County projects in the area include a pavilion at Galena Manor park, sidewalks on Holland, storm drainage on Clinton Drive.

Lon Squyres said that Market Street in Jacinto City will get new LED streetlights within 6 weeks, as will Galena Park. I-10 frontage roads are TxDOT responsibility.

On the question of jurisdiction for traffic violations on Federal Road, Drew Scroggins explained that is is a joint effort by Houston, Galena Park, and Dept. of Transportation officers, due to various sections inside jurisdictions. He mentioned that new sidewalks will be built along one side of Mercury and Holland in the near future.