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Keep Jacinto Clean Committee founder Allan Jamail in yellow shirt in 4 feet high weeds in a Jacinto City property. Jamail addressed City Council during a recent meeting about mosquito breeding places. (Photo by Linda Jamail)

Jacinto City, TX. – Thursday, July 10, 2017 at the City Council meeting former Mayor and Keep Jacinto City Clean Committee founder Allan Jamail was on the agenda. He said, “I’m bringing citizens concerns about some dishonorable property owners. They’re taking advantage of the city’s law of issuing a 10 day warning letter, for public health violations of high grass before taking corrective actions.”

Jamail said, “Records prove 97 percent of the violations are on vacant lots and vacant rent houses from repeat conscienceless violators. Tall grass and weeds provide a breeding place for the deadly ZIKA virus type of mosquitoes which thrives in Harris County.”

There are six pregnant women in Harris County with the Zika virus, which deforms the baby’s brain.

“Where is the conscious of someone who has little regard for another’s life or health?” Jamail asks.

From the city’s first receipt of the initial complaint until corrective action is taken, it’s usually a month or more. This means 9 inch tall weeds can reach 4 feet in height before the mosquito laden weeds are cut. The problem is some of the repeat offenders know their property isn’t in compliance but will not do anything until they get the city’s warning letter which they know gives them a grace period.

Jamail suggested the current high grass law start being enforced by issuing a citation soon after the 10 days expires unless rain made it impossible to cut. Or revise it so that if after the same property owner gets three warning’s in a 12 month period then it’s mandatory for an immediate citation to be given without a fourth warning.

Jamail said that City Manager Lon Squyres and Mayor Diaz have the responsibly and authority to protect the citizen’s health and have public works spray to kill mosquitoes as often as needed without anyone calling to complain about a mosquito nuisance.

On other Council action they approved hiring Terry Wayne Hodges as a police officer and approved the annual Mutual Aid Fire Protection agreement with Harris County.