Election Results: Emmett, Morman defeated in upset

Winners include Sylvia Garcia; Ted Cruz; Lina Hidalgo; Adrian Garcia

HARRIS COUNTY – With 100% of the results counted, political experts are declaring winners in Tuesday’s election.

In the national Senate race, incumbent Ted Cruz had a strong statewide win, defeating popular Beto O’Rourke by 51% to 48%. However, Beto carried Harris County with 58% of the local vote. Other statewide results included Governor Greg Abbott winning 56% of the vote against Lupe Valdez; and AG Ken Paxton receiving 51%.

Harris County’s straight ticket voting showed 44% Republican, and 55% Democratic. This might explain two major upsets: County Judge Ed Emmett, the popular incumbent, was defeated by Democrat challenger Lina Hidalgo who received 49.62% of the vote, to Emmett’s 48.32%, with a third candidate, Libertarian Eric Gatlin receiving 2% of the vote. About 5000 votes separated the top two candidates, but Gatlin received 24,085 enough to swing the election to either of the other two contenders.

Republican County Commissioner Pct. 2 Jack Morman was defeated by Democrat and former Sheriff Adrian Garcia, who had 50.11% of the vote, versus Morman’s 49.89%. The difference was a mere 490 votes.

History was made in Congressional District 29, where the first Hispanic woman from Texas won a seat in Congress. Sylvia Garcia, formerly a Texas State Senator and Harris County Commissioner, received 75% of the vote against her Republican challenger, Phillip Aronoff.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee was returned to office in District 18, with 75% of the vote, versus her opponent Ava Reynero Pate with 21% votes.

In Congressional District 2, formerly held by Congressman Ted Poe, Dan Crenshaw received 53% of the vote, and Todd Litton 45%.

In a highly watched race in the city of Houston, House District 7, Lizzie Pannell Fletcher received 52% of the vote, against incumbent John Culberson with 48%.

In House District 8, primarily Montgomery County, incumbent Kevin Brady received 62.7% of the vote, versus Steven David with 35.66%.

In the State Legislature, District 127, Republican incumbent Dan Huberty won with 80% of the vote versus Ryan Woods. In District 128 incumbent Briscoe Cain was elected with no opposition.

Armando Walle, a popular state legislator in North Houston’s District 140, was returned to office with no opposition. Senfronia Thompson in District 141 was returned unopposed, and Ana Hernandez in District 143 won with no opposition.

Another upset not predicted was for the office of District Clerk, where Marilyn Burgess with 55% of the votes defeated incumbent Chris Daniel, who had 45% of the votes.

County Clerk Stan Stanart, a familiar name on tax bills, also lost with 43% of the vote versus challenger Diane Trautman with 54% of the votes.

Richard Cantu, a wellknown management district executive in Aldine, won a position as County School Trustee At Large, with 56% of the vote versus his challenger, Marc Cowart with 44%.

County Commissioner Pct. 4 incumbent Jack Cagle won re-election with 55% of the vote, versus challenger Penny Shaw’s 45%.

For Justice of the Peace in Precinct 3, Place 2, Lucia Bates was elected without opposition. She had defeated incumbent Don Coffey in the Primary election in May.


In Channelview ISD, Position 4, Patrick Lacy had 53% and defeated Dagoberto Alonso. Position 5, incumbent Greg Johnstone lost to Frank Bryant, who had 57% of the votes. Position 6, Kent Wilson had 52% of the votes and defeated Walter Gant III. Position 7, only a few votes separated Dennis Cedillo from Raquel Dobbins. About 3800 votes were cast, and Cedillo had a slight lead at presstime.

In Sheldon ISD, incumbent trustees Fred Rivas and Devora Myles ran unopposed. In Position 5, Ken Coleman was elected with 57% of the votes, versus 43% for Keon Banks. In Position 7, Erika Martinez had 48% of the votes, Keith Norwood 32%, and Debbie Kolacny 20%.

In Crosby, there was an election for four School Trustees. Elected without opposition were John Swinney, Position 6 with 3310 votes; Tanya Eagleton, Position 1 with 474 votes; Joseph Humphries, Position 3 with 689 votes. The only contested seat was Position 2, where Kasey Lewis received 71% of the votes, or 540, and Sheryl Fain received 28% or 214.

In Huffman, for School Trustee Position 1 Aaron Alexander received 69% of the votes versus Vernon Reed with 31%; Position 2 Dean Warren received 58% of the votes, while Jared Dagley received 29% and Patricia Burnham got 13%; and for Position 3, Ray Burt was elected running unopposed.


Two major Propositions were on the ballot for Houston voters. Proposition A, calling for financing of roads and sewers, received 74% FOR votes, and 26% AGAINST. For Proposition B, raising the pay of city fireman to match that of comparable positions in the police department, there were 59% FOR votes, and 41% AGAINST votes.