Texas elects Sylvia Garcia as first Latina to Congress

AT THE VICTORY CELEBRATION ELECTION NIGHT. Photo taken at the Houston Hobby Marriott Hotel Victory party on Nov. 6 , 2018. (Photo by Allan Jamail)
AT THE VICTORY CELEBRATION ELECTION NIGHT. Photo taken at the Houston Hobby Marriott Hotel Victory party on Nov. 6 , 2018. (Photo by Allan Jamail)

By Allan Jamail

Houston, TX. — November 6, 2018 — State Senator Sylvia Garcia became Texas’ first female Hispanic to be elected to the U. S. Congress.

At the Houston Hobby Marriott Hotel In front of a jubilant crowd waving blue towels with the printed words, “WE MADE HISTORY!”

Garcia thanked Congressman Gene Green for his years of service and for setting the bar for elected officials.

Senator Garcia made the following statement.

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Gracias, Gracias, Gracias! Con todo mi corazon. Thank you to everyone who has knocked on a door, made a phone call, donated your time or money to this campaign. This is your victory. You have made history. Esta victoria es de nosotros. Juntos, hemos logrado algo historico.

Thank you to our friends in the labor movement, who supported our campaign both financially and with boots on the ground. Thank you to the hundreds of individual donors, the Democratic Clubs and elected officials that made this victory possible. And most importantly, thank you to my family standing with me here today.

Your love, encouragement and support over the years is what made it possible for a poor girl from Paltio Blanco, Texas to grow up to become a US Congresswoman.

Well, my family and other friends in this room may remember that this didn’t start in November when we announced that we would seek to represent the 29th District in Congress. This campaign started in 1992, when I first ran for Congress, in the first year of the woman. In fact Gene Green was one of my opponents!

Well, 25 years later we have accomplished what we first set out to do; send the first Latina to Congress from Texas!

In those 25 years, you have helped me to be the first Latina on Commissioners Court , and the first Latina in the Texas Senate from Harris County.

And every one of those challenges has prepared me to take on the most difficult and important challenge of my life; which is to go to Congress and stand up to Donald Trump and fight for you. While it may be too early to call right now, there is a good chance that Democrats will take back Congress.

So thanks to you, I will be a part of the majority in Congress that will be ready to push back against the Trump Administrations’ heartless immigration policies.

I will be ready to fight for an economy that works for all, not just the wealthiest Americans.

I will be ready to work to bring high paying quality jobs to our district, jobs with benefits that keep families together.

I will be ready to fight for an education system that gives everyone in America access to opportunity.

Tonight we have sent a message folks… working people and Latinos and women aren’t going to get pushed around any more!

We’re going to push back! No seremos vencidos. And that’s exactly what happened today – we saw record breaking turnout in communities of color and among women.

And we are seeing similar stories all over the country.

But real change happens at the local level with committed people like you, willing to work to make your community a better place.

Tonight was the first step towards ensuring that America can once again be that shining city upon a hill a place where anyone from anywhere can have a fighting shot at the American Dream!

Thank you all for fighting for me, rest assured I will fight for you inWashington.

Gracis por luchar por mi, y sepan que seguire luchando por ustedes en Washington.