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North Shore eliminates Dobie from Playoffs 56-19

Mustangs’ junior running back #3 Zach Evans shakes loose a Longhorn defender to score one of his 3 touchdowns. (Photo by Allan Jamail)

By Allan Jamail

Friday, November 16, 2018, at the Galena Park ISD football stadium, the North Shore Mustangs chased the Dobie Longhorns back to Pasadena, eliminating them from the state football playoffs 56 to 19.

Coach Jon Kay’s aggressive and heavily starred defense early in the game rounded up, dehorned and closed the gate on the Longhorns offense keeping them to only 7 points in the first half. The defense helped with the score-making in the first quarter when senior defensive back Keyoon Stewart scooped up a loose ball and trotted 30 yards for a touchdown.

Kay’s Mustang offense compiled 434 yards for 8 touchdowns, completing 15 of 21 passes for 203 yards, and running 24 times for 231 yards. Kicker’s John Villalobos made 6 extra points and Kevin Flores made 2 extra point kicks.

Touchdowns were made by Zach Evans (3), Shadrach Banks (2), John Gentry, Ismael Villafuerte and Keeyon Stewart.

North Shore committed 11 penalties, costing them 110 yards, mostly pass interference. Pass interference penalties can cost them their next game when they play Dickinson’s 6 foot star junior dual threat running and passing quarterback Mike Welch. Welch averages 20 passes per game with a .626 completion percentage, averaging 200 passing yards while his rushing average is 6.8 yards per carry per game. This season Welch has made 2,600 yards from passing or on his running, averaging 260 yards each game.

The undefeated 11- 0 Mustangs will now hosts the Dickinson Gators with a 10 win and 1 loss record on Friday, November 23rd at 1 PM. The Gators have one district loss against Clear Springs 35 to 28. Mustangs boast a state ranking of #3 while the Gators have a #16 state rank. This game is a part of the 2018 Football State Championships – 2018 Football Conference 6A D1 tournament. Next week the winner will play either the Katy Tigers or the Jersey Village Falcons who’ll also play on Friday, November 23rd at 1 PM at Tigers stadium.