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Galena Park Commissioner Chersky becomes new police chief

Galena Park’s new Police Chief Rodney V. Chersky, appointed by Mayor Esmeralda Moya, confirmed by Commissioners January 15, 2019. (Photo by Allan Jamail)

By Allan Jamail

Galena Park, TX. March 20, 2019 – In January, Galena Park City Commissioner Rodney Chersky stepped down to become the city’s new police chief. After being re-elected in May 2018 with 61 percent of the vote, Chersky moved out of the city.

According to Chief Chersky, “City Attorney Robert Collins advised me I could continue as Commissioner to fill out my new term, but I would not be able to seek re-election because of no longer being a citizen of the city. My leaving the city was only temporary, and I’d planned to move back before the next election.”

Chief Chersky said, “In late 2018 I was approached by several police officers about becoming the police chief, since the new interim chief Sergeant James Knox didn’t want to become the permanent chief. Knox had agreed to assume the chief’s duties until a permanent chief could be hired. He had served as Interim Chief before under three mayors.”

“Mayor Moya in January approached me and asked me if I would be interested in the chief’s job. After giving it lots of thought and being assured by the mayor she’d do everything possible to work with me to help make the needed improvements I wanted to make, I decided to accept the appointment,” said Chief Chersky.

The chief said he has many goals. Two are: making the image of the police department more respected by the community, and increasing the department’s capabilities in all phases of law enforcement by acquiring newer technology and equipment.

Chersky said, “Interim Chief Knox is staying with the police department and will assume his sergeant’s position. He and I have an excellent professional working relationship and together we will move the police department in a positive direction while bringing the necessary changes needed to enhance visibility, police services and response times for our citizens and to our community.”

Chief Chersky has a Master Peace Officer’s certification with the state, and he has worked as a police officer for Galena Park and as a Deputy Constable in other agencies for the past 40 years. He feels he will be able to draw from having worked for various agencies to bring the best knowledge and experience to his new chief’s position.

A current top priority is to hire more police officers and police dispatchers. Experience in dispatching is preferred but training is available. Anyone interested in either position can call 713-675-3471 or email the chief at: rchersky@cityof