TxDOT has announced that all three westbound lanes will be open in the next few days, and closed ramps and signalization at Crosby-Lynchburg will be returned to normal, according to TxDOT Engineer David Lazaro.

The IH-10/San Jacinto Bridge was originally struck by a barge on February 11, 2019. A contractor started repair and rebuilding of the damaged column in early-April.

Much of the permanent repairs have been completed. This week the contractor is focusing on finishing the smaller details.

Weather permitting, the intent is to re-stripe IH-10 back to its original configuration this weekend. In order to do so we will have to close IH-10 down to 1 lane going westbound. At some point over the weekend we will shift commuters over to the left hand side to re-stripe the side they are currently driving on. By Monday Morning Rush Hour the expectation is to have open:

1. All lanes on IH-10 West at the San Jacinto Bridge

2. SPUR 330 North to IH-10 West

3. All lanes on IH-10 West at Thompson

4. Crosby-Lynchburg Entrance Ramp to IH-10 West

5. IH-10 East Exit Ramp to Thompson Rd.

In the event that the weather conditions do not allow us to perform the work needed, some of the work will take place during the week of May 6th at night and possibly into the next weekend, (May 10th – 12th).