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Demolition of old Jacinto City Police Station makes way for the new JCPD building

10429 Market Street Road, JTB Demolition workers demolishing Jacinto City’s 70 year old police station. A new two-story facility has been built there that’s now in operation by the city’s police force. (Photo by Linda Jamail)

Down with the Old, Up with the new Jacinto City Police Station

Jacinto City, TX. – Monday morning July 29, 2019, marked the end of an era and the beginning of a new era in time for Jacinto City’s history, especially the police department’s history.

After two years of construction, the city’s police force has finally begun using their new two-story police station, located at 10429 Market Street Road, behind the old police station.

Current and former city officials gathered to witness the demolishing of the 70 year old police station that’s had fewer than 10 police chiefs run the department. As the demolishing began some present started going down memory lane about some of the well kept humorous secrets of times past at the police station.

Mayor Ana Diaz said, “I’m glad to see we’re nearing the completion of the new police station, which will provide better police protection for the citizens. And our police officers will benefit too, by having a larger working space, removing the dangers they’ve faced from the overcrowded conditions when processing those brought into the police station.”

City Manager Lon Squyres said, “Our new police station has been operating for about six weeks now. The demolition of the old station will provide room for plenty of parking and a ‘Safe Trade’ area for our citizens. It was a little surreal to watch it being torn down; there are a lot of memories within those walls.”

Police Chief Joe Ayala said, “Many good memories were established here, and now a new building to better serve the needs of our Community. It was a long time coming, as we had outgrown the old and unsafe structure. We thank our Community, Congressional, and City Leaders for the support and guidance towards our new Police Department.”

Councilman Allen Lee, who is the police department’s liaison to the Mayor and City Council, expressed his happiness in seeing the achievement nearing completion.

Former Mayor and Chief of Police Allan Jamail said, “While I and others lobbied many years for this new police station, today I had mixed emotions. Seeing the City’s first and only police station of so many years disappear in a flash from where it’s always stood-out so prominently on our city’s main thoroughfare gave me a bit of sadness. Even though outdated, anytime an important and vital facility of a community vanishes before your eyes you can’t help but have mixed emotions. On the other hand I’m so happy for Chief Ayala and our police department’s personnel. God knows they deserve a safe and modern facility, I’m appreciative to City Manager Squyres and the elected officials for making so many of our dreams come true.”