North Channel observes National Night Out

Neighbors at the Blackburn’s & Sinnette’s Annual National Night Out Chili Supper.
Neighbors at the Blackburn’s & Sinnette’s Annual National Night Out Chili Supper. (Photo by Allan Jamail)

By Allan Jamail

Houston, TX. – October 1, 2019 — Each year on National Night Out, residents in the Woodshadows I neighborhood come together for a meet and greet to discuss ways to prevent crime in their area.

Jack Blackburn prepares his delicious chili, served while his wife Sue passes out crime prevention literature. Neighbors gather around tables with chairs and get to know each other better. It’s these types of gatherings and discussions that make it possible for neighbors to learn about each other so they can spot unusual activity not normal at each other’s homes.

About a dozen law enforcement officers and elected officials or their staff representatives dropped by to share helpful information fitting for the occasion.

Houston Police Officers Sgt. Houston and Martinez were present and happy to pose in the group photo as well as provide crime prevention advice.

The Blackburns are promoting the use of the FREE Emergency Profile Service for Harris County residents. They have firsthand experience in using the service when someone other than themselves placed a 911 call for their address. When the police arrived Mr. Blackburn told the responding officers there was no emergency. But since the Blackburns had previously entered their personal profile in the 911 Emergency Profile database, the officers would not leave until they could see that Mrs. Blackburn was alright. Their reason for not leaving is on some 911 calls one person listed in the database might have an emergency unbeknownst to the person meeting the responding officers, or they may be being prevented from getting to speak to the responding officers to explain why they called 911.

Having information in the FREE Emergency Profile database quickly helps to save time for responders in the event of a fire, flood or crime or other emergency.

To register for the FREE 911 Emergency Profile Service you can sign-up at: or