Primaries start 2020 Election season

Early voting begins Feb. 18

NORTHEAST HARRIS COUNTY – March 3 Primary voting begins for early voters on February 18 and runs until Friday, February 28, according to the Texas Secretary of State. The last date to register to vote in primaries is February 3. March 3 is the last day to vote in person. Any run-off is to be completed by May 26. Candidates must achieve 50% or more to avoid run-off elections.

Locally, many are anxious to vote in the 2020 November 3 election so their vote will solve the Presidential question.

Few local candidates are unopposed this year, but State Representative Ana Hernandez D., Texas House #143, has no opponent.

Dan Huberty R.,Texas House #127 after a highly successful year with House Bill 3 (school funding) and locally House Bill 76 is opposed by a Republican, Dwight Ford.

Briscoe Cain, R., Texas House #128 of Pearland, Highlands, Baytown and Crosby is challenged by Robert C. Hoskins formerly of Baytown City Council in the Republican Primary and Josh Markle and Mary E. Williams both Democrats.

District #128, a little research will show is comprised of about 172,221 folks that are 58.2% white, 38.7% black or Hispanic and 3.1% other. Ethnically, District #128 is 70.8 % non-Hispanic and 29.2% Hispanic.

Local offices of consequence include Precinct 2 Constable, with incumbent Chris Diaz running against several opponents, including Democrats Jerry Garcia, a police officer; George Goffney Jr., a process operator technician; Alberto Rivera, a deputy constable; and Republican Daniel Vela, police officer.

Precinct 3 Constable. That job is now in the capable hands of Sherman Eagleton, D., being challenged by Democrats Deborah Florus, a Sheriff’s Deputy; Ken Jones, retired from the office; Michel Pappilion, a retired Houston Police Department officer; John “Jay” Portillo, police officer, formerly of Precinct 3 and Deputy Eric Reed. A Republican Challenger is Andre Hines, a deputy.

Precinct 3 is 56% non-Hispanic and 43% Hispanic. Of the 347,174 residents, 53% are white, 25% are black, about 1% are Indian and 1.5% are Asian.

Two local US Congressional elections are to be decided by voters. One is US Congressional District #2, formerly Ted Poe’s District and still includes the wealthier houses on Lake Houston, Dan Crenshaw, R., age 35, born in Aberdeen, Scotland is being challenged by three Democrats Elisa Cardnell, Travis Olsen and Sima Ladjevardian.

US Congressional District #36, the rest of Ted Poe’s District #2 including the rest of Crosby, Highlands, a little Baytown, to Beaumont is now represented by Brian Babin, R., he is challenged by R.J. Boatman a Republican and Democrat Rashad Lewis. The single difference in rhetoric between Babin and Boatman is that Boatman promises to impose his own term limit.

Kim Ogg, a Democrat is District Attorney being challenged by Carvana Cloud, Democrat and Attorney; Audia Jones, a Democrat and Attorney; Todd Overstreet, Democrat and Lawyer; and Lori Deangelo, Republican Attorney; Mary Huffman, Republican Attorney; Lloyd Wayne Oliver, Republican Attorney.

Harris County – County Attorney Vince Ryan a Democrat is challenged by Attorney Ben Rose, Democrat; Attorney Christian Dashaun Menefee, Democrat; Attorney John Nation, Republican.

Harris County – Sheriff Ed Gonzalez a Democrat, is challenged by Democrat Jerome Moore, a Deputy Constable; Democrat Harry Zamora Houston Police Lt. Ret.; Joe Danna, Republican Deputy Sheriff. Paul Day, Republican Patrol Deputy; Randy Rush, Republican retired law enforcement.

Senator John Cornyn, Incumbent, is polling weakly with about 45% against everybody and is running against four Republicans and ten Democrats. Virgil Bierschwale, John Castro, Dwayne Stovall and Mark Yancey are Republicans candidates against the former Senate whip and former best prosecutor in Texas. Chris Bell former Highlands and Crosby US Congressman is polling best now for the Democrats. Royce West, Michael Cooper, Amanda Edwards, Jack Daniel Foster, Victor Hugo Harris, M.J. Hegar, Sema Hernandez, Adrian Ocegueda and Cristina Tzintzün Ramirez fill out the Democrat candidates.

Of course this is not nearly all the candidates to be on the ballot like Judges and Clerks but are the result of local election coming to Primaries according to Ruth R. Hughs.