Jacinto City moves May Election

JACINTO CITY – The city council met at their regular time last Thursday evening, and on the Agenda was an item to consider moving the May 2nd Municipal Election to a different date.

Governor Abbott had sent instructions to all municipalities to consider moving their election date to November, due to concerns about people congregating at the polls during the Covid-19 virus pandemic and subsequent lockdown. He strongly advised this action, with possible discipline if it was not followed.

The council voted to move the election, but did not specify a date, only that it would be in the future. City Manager Lon Squyres said it might be in July, when a run-off election is scheduled in the county, or November.

The council meeting was unusual, because it took place in the new police building, with all participants observing “social distancing” and the public participating by video conference.

Some elections are still scheduled May 2, including the Barbers Hill bond referendum, and Mont Belvieu municipal offices.