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Sheldon ISD trustees cancel November bond election

District prioritizes safety and academics

At the July 14 school board meeting, Sheldon ISD trustees voted to cancel the November 3 bond election due to the continued effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The bond was originally called by the school board for the May election, but in March trustees unanimously voted to postpone the election due to COVID-19 virus.

“We realize this has been a difficult time for everyone,” said Superintendent Dr. King Davis. “I appreciate the school board’s dedication to placing the safety of our students and staff first, as well as being mindful of our taxpayers during these uncertain times. As we prepare for a variety of possible scenarios for the upcoming school year, it is important we focus our attention on making sure each child receives the academic support needed to be successful while keeping safety as a top priority.”

Cancelling the bond election will provide the district with an opportunity to place an emphasis on safety and academics for the upcoming school year, King said.