Channelview Clean-up set for Saturday, October 24

By Carolyn Stone

Please come out and join us, we will be conducting our second Channelview Community Cleanup this upcoming Saturday 10/24/20 from 7:30 – 11:00 am. We kickstarted Channelview’s cleanup last month on 09/19/20 by removing trash from the roadside and medians of the south end of Sheldon Road from Market St. to I-10. and trimming the plantings and the curbsides of the Sheldon Rd. median at Lorenzo St.

This effort was a major improvement and our clean-up effort did not go unnoticed. On 09/24/20 Cindy Miller, Harris County Pct. 2 Community Liaison, shared a communication with C.H.I.C. from Jose Jimenez, Pct. 2 Director – Neighborhood Services & Economic Opportunity:

“We will begin cleaning Channelview esplanades on Oct. 6th with Gradall. Tree limbs will be picked up tomorrow. Next week we are using all dump trucks to haul ditching spoils from IT May to James Driver. Cindy, please let the local constituents know they have been heard! More to come.”

True to their word Pct. 2 removed the tree trimmings we had left behind and completed the edging of the medians from Market St. to I-10 we had started but were unable to complete during the 09/19/20 cleanup.

Precinct 2 has furthered their support and has partnered with C.H.I.C. to make our second cleanup effort even more successful by providing personnel, a truck & trailer and light refreshments and has contacted the organization Keep Houston Beautiful to also partner with C.H.I.C. and community member participants to provide tools for the participants use and the ability for those intending on participating to register online before Saturday’s cleanup and to allow us to better determine how many people intend to participate and how much area will be able to address. Individuals wanting to participate will also be welcomed and able to register at 7:30 am Saturday morning prior to cleanup.

In support and to aid in generating as much public notice and participation as possible Precinct 2 is also hosting a Facebook event and creating a flyer with a link for individuals to register for our Channelview Community Cleanup Phase 1.

Saturday’s Cleanup Plan:

Date & Time: Saturday, 10/ 24/20 @ 7:30 – 11:00

Meeting Location: Channelview ISD Administration parking lot 1403 Sheldon Rd., Channelview

Equipment to Bring: Gloves and your personal protective gear (safety glasses, closed toed shoes, etc.). Tools such as gloves, rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows. pruners, trash cans will be provided, but if you prefer, you may bring your personal lawn care equipment for your use (i.e. pruners, clippers, shears, and lawn mowers).

Clean Up Plan: We will begin at the roadside and the next median north of Lorenzo St. and work our way North up Sheldon Rd. cleaning and trimming as much area as we can with the number of people participating and tools provided. We will work in groups based on the number of participants and equipment brought.

Registration in person begins at 7:30 AM at the Channelview Administration Building (828 Sheldon Rd., Channelview, TX 77530). To register online, visit (When registering online, please make sure to select AL5 as your district and Pct. 2 for the location/team.) For more information, call 346-217-5958 or email