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Voter Registration Drive held in Jacinto City

As voter registration deadline nears, first time to-be voter Roxanne Morales of Jacinto City steps up to register for the November 3rd. Presidential Election. L-R: New Voter Roxanne Morales, State Representative Ana Hernandez, Community Liaison & Harris County Deputy Registrar Linda Jamail, Deputy Registrars Katherine Summerlin, Robyn Rothman and Joy Kaplan from the Houston League of Women Voters. Also present Maria Delgado, Chief of Staff. (Photo by Allan Jamail)

Your Vote Is Your Voice! Su Voto Es Su Voz!

By Allan Jamail

Saturday, October 3, 2020 – Jacinto City, Texas – Volunteers of State Representative Ana Hernandez’s office and Houston’s League of Women Voters conducted a non-partisan Drive-Thru and Walk-Up voter registration drive.

Using the city hall parking lot on Mercury Drive Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrars (VDVR) waved signs at passing motorists getting them to come register to vote. The event was part of a larger regional registration drive sponsored by the East Harris County Empowerment Council with Crystal Mendez, Community Engagement Coordinator organizing it (https://

Regional locations along with their host include, Sterling Green (Channelview): Diane Pinkney, Mt Rose COGIC, City of Refuge (Crosby): Pastor Ron Eagleton, North Shore Rotary Park (Cloverleaf): Luz Lopez, Jacinto City City Hall (Jacinto City): Linda Jamail, North Shore Community Fellowship of Faith: Pastor Dixon and Inspire Church (Sheldon): Pastor Irvin Clark.

Deputy Voter Registrars are allowed to take applications to register a voter in large amounts and on-the-spot without the need to mail the applications to the county’s tax office. To become a Deputy Voter Registrar a person must take a training class, pass a test and be issued a deputy voter registrar’s identification number.

With this year’s Presidential Election between President Donald Trump and former Vice-President Joe Biden drawing so much attention people were overly eager to get registered before the October 5th deadline. This year it’s expected to be a record breaking voter turn-out election.

For voting locations, dates, times, sample ballots and other important information leading up to Election Day visit, visit: To see if you’re registered to vote visit: