Channelview FD achieves higher Fire Insurance rating

According to Jimmy Sumbera, Administrator for Harris County ESD No. 50, and the Channelview Fire Department, a reclassification of the ISO rating for the department will have possible benefits to Channelview property owners. This information may reduce your insurance rates, but you must notify your insurance company of this change. The reduction in your homeowner’s policy will not be automatic. Channelview Fire Department is getting the word out to the community related to the upcoming change in our ISO Public Protection Classification rating. For the past year the fire department has been working with the Insurance Services Office (ISO) to have Channelview Fire Department evaluated for a reclassification. The PPC Classes range from 1 to 10 with a Class 1 providing the best fire protect and also resulting in the best insurance rates. Channelview is currently a Class 6.

Effective 6-1-2021 Channelview will have a split Class 1/1X. Over 98% of the area will be a Class 1, but less than 2% of the area will be classified as a Class 1X. The 1X indicates that the area is serviced by a Class 1 fire department, but the property is greater than 1000 feet from a fire hydrant. Those that are Class 1 should see a significant saving on their homeowner’s insurance once this change is factored in. The two areas that are 1X are the properties at the end of Market St east of Magnolia, properties in San Jacinto River Estates (Monmouth St / Meadowbrook Dr. area), and properties at the end of: Bear Bayou, Wood Dr., Oak Ln, Shady Lane, and all properties on Park Dr.

The following link will provide some details about ISO and PPC. Channelview will join the very few communities in the country with a Class 1 fire protection class. Currently only 393 communities have a Class 1 nationwide. In Texas there are only 69 Class 1 fire departments. ppc/program-works/facts-and-figures-about-ppc-codes-around-the-country/