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Galena Park’s Medical Clinic Administers COVID Vaccine

Certified Medical Assistant Claudia Franco at the Galena Park Medical Clinic is giving the life saving Moderna COVID 19 virus vaccine to patient Francisco Luevano. Observing, Galena Park Mayor Esmeralda Moya (red) and Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia (right) (Photo Allan Jamail)

By Allan Jamail

Galena Park, TX. – Friday, March 5, 2021, at the Galena Park Medical Clinic, Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia and Mayor Esmeralda Moya assisted the clinic in obtaining the Moderna COVID-19 for the citizens and the nearby areas.

Congresswoman Garcia said, “My objective is to bring the virus vaccine to the people. Many people are unable to travel long distances and wait in long lines for hours to be protected from the virus. With President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion Economic Rescue Plan, we’ll now be able to make sizable gains in protecting citizens from the deadly virus.”

Octavio Plaza, the clinic’s office manager, said, “This is so true. Frequently we have some older citizens unable to get from their cars to get inside for their vaccination, and I and others have gone out into the parking lot to assist them in getting inside.”

The plan calls for $20 billion in a national vaccination program, including launching community vaccination centers around the country and mobile units in hard-to-reach areas. It’ll provide $50 billion in testing providing funds to purchase rapid tests expand lab capacity and help schools implement regular testing to support reopening. It will also fund the hiring of 100,000 public health workers, nearly tripling the community health workforce. And it will provide support to long-term care facilities experiencing outbreaks and to prisons for mitigation strategies.

Mayor Esmeralda Moya stated she tried for months to get the virus vaccine for the citizens without any success until she reached out to Congresswoman Garcia. She said, “Within days of my asking Congresswoman Garcia for help, the Galena Park Clinic obtained its first doses. I’m so thankful to her and her staff for making this first day of our citizens getting their vaccinations possible.”

Rubin Shah, Chief Executive Officer of the East Houston Hospital and Clinics (EHHC) thanked the congresswoman and mayor for their support with the hospital’s vaccination program. He said between the hospital and the Galena Park Clinic, they’ve been able to vaccinate 1,200 patients. Britny Magana of EHHC said they’ve applied for more vaccines so all of our clinics will be able to begin giving the vaccinations.

According to Shawn Collier, Chief Marketing Officer of Advance Diagnostics Healthcare System’s (ADHS) the East Houston Hospital & Clinics, Galena Park Clinic, River Oaks Hospital & Clinics and others are all under the umbrella of ADHS.

ADHS is a system of in-network hospitals and clinics, accepting a majority of insurance plans, including worker’s comp and Medicare. From wellness screenings to emergencies, from telemedicine to occupational medicine, from primary care to urgent care. Their hospitals and clinics offer comprehensive care in convenient locations; they provide a full-service, 24-hour emergency department, operating rooms, multi-specialty clinics and state-of-the-art imaging. In Houston, both River Oaks Hospitals & Clinics, located between River Oaks and the Galleria, and Advanced Diagnostics East Houston Hospital & Clinics, located in East Houston, are outside of Houston’s Medical Center complex.

To apply for the virus vaccine at the Galena Park Clinic area (2124 Clinton Dr.) call 713-671-3541. For the EHHC, 12950 East Freeway hospital go to:

Additional contacts to receive the vaccine use any of the following contacts…

Harris County Public Health (HCPH), call 832- 927-8787, and/or the City of Houston, call 832-393- 4220.

Three website registrations: