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Cement plant to pay $400,000 due to air pollution lawsuit

“No one in Harris County should have to worry about struggling to breathe or suffering long-term effects from chemicals,” Harris County Attorney Christian D. Menefee says.

HARRIS COUNTY – An East Harris County cement facility must now pay county officials more than $400,000 after a lawsuit highlighted unsafe conditions being emitted into the area which directly impacted local residents.

According to information released from the Harris County Attorney’s Office, Menefee and The Attorney General of Texas resolved the matter with Sesco Cement Corp. out of East Harris County.

The lawsuit began when county employees decided to sue for the well-being of residents in the nearby community, citing violations of the Texas Clean Air Act, the Texas Solid Waste Disposal Act, and the Texas Water Code.

“Cement facilities that don’t follow the rules put communities at risk,” said County Attorney Menefee. “They pollute the air with cement dust that is harmful when breathed by nearby residents, especially children. We inspected this facility multiple times and found many issues, including cement dust plumes, polluted runoff water, and discharges in storm drains. We expect our neighboring businesses to do things right. These kinds of violations cannot and will not be tolerated.”

As an outcome of that investigation, Sesco has agreed to pay $480,000 in civil penalties, and the County’s attorney fees. Officials say during the course of the litigation, the company also undertook significant clean-up of the facility.

Experts from the Harris County Pollution Control Services Department say since 2019, they conducted more than 25 inspections of the facility located at 8510 East Sam Houston Parkway North in Harris County. Those inspections resulted in several violations that have since been resolved.

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