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North Shore ends Westfield’s unbeaten streak

North Shore 55, Westfield 25

PHOTO TOP LEFT: Houston’s KPRC TV Channel 2 Sports selected the North Shore Mustangs verse the Spring Westfield Mustangs as their Football Frenzy’s top high school game of the week. Seated: TV Sports Reporter Randy McIlvoy interviews #2 Christopher Barnes, NS Mustang junior wide receiver and his offense teammates. Back row – L – R: #64 Zach Chavanne, #9 Kaleb Bailey, #58 Omarion Dudley, #76
Tyler Edwards, #4 Terrence Guillory and #89 Kaleb Thomas (Photo by Linda Jamail)

By Allan Jamail

GPISD stadium – Friday, September 9, 2022 – It was a classic Texas Friday Night Football contest. The Galena Park (GP) ISD North Shore Mustangs hosted the Spring ISD Spring Westfield Mustangs (SWM) in a battle of the unbeaten. With both teams ranked high in the state each brought their Mustang Nation fans and filled the stadium to capacity leaving standing room only viewing.

GPISD’s Superintendent Dr. John Moore said when it was decided to close the gates because of reaching the safe capacity limits people still tried to get inside through other entrances. He said some fans even went and got on the sidelines without authorized field passes, so security and school officials had to have them removed.

The two Mustang nations turned out but only one went home happy… it was the Eastside Boys who spoiled Westfield’s night, romping 55 -25.

They share the same Mustang mascot but that’s all they share. After the team captains exchanged their friendly handshakes during the coin toss at the beginning there wasn’t any more friendly gestures exchanged. Both teams wanted the win in their record column.

It was the first win for North Shore over Westfield since the 2019 season. Westfield leads the series 6-4 since 2004. NS won the flip and Coach Kay wanted to get the 2nd half kickoff as he’s most always does.

North Shore was picked to win Friday’s contest by sport analysts but Westfield wanted to prove once again they could take the Eastside Boys down. After all last season Westfield denied the State Champions a perfect winning season giving Kay’s team the only defeat of their season. NS players remembered it and were determined to not let it happen again.

Kay’s team not only wanted to do a payback for Westfield’s 27-21 six point victory over them last season but they also wanted the win for their injured teammate. When Amador left on a stretcher in the ambulance I could feel the emotionally charged Eastside team rally and get juiced up for battle.

The first offensive play of the game was a pass play to last season’s state championship’s game star receiver David Amador. The ball wasn’t caught and as he went down he was injured by a falling defender who landed on him. That quieted the crowd for over 30 minutes until he was loaded on an ambulance in route to the hospital. He’s now home recovering from a minor injury.

What was billed as to be a thriller, it wasn’t. NS proved they’re in a league of their own at least at this point in the season. This could be why across the sports world they’re referred to as having built a dynasty. That could be true but as the old saying goes, don’t count your chicks until they’re hatched.

The Eastside Boys led by double digits throughout the game and Westfield never was able to mount a threat. NS offense and defense was polished and played with strength and vigor. North Shore led Westfield 48-11 at halftime, Coach Kay pulled his starters early in the 3rd quarter and Westfield still couldn’t make a noticeable challenge.

North Shore 3-0 has a bye next week but then opens district play away against Beaumont United 1-2 on Friday, September 23 at 7PM.

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