Friends wish Happy 99th Birthday to Buck Sloan

World War II veteran, Buckshot Jamboree Musician

CHANNELVIEW – Friends and family held a parade and potluck dinner party for Buck Sloan, the World War II veteran and Purple Heart Recipient, on his 99th birthday, last Saturday June 3rd.

It was a surprise party, and no one enjoyed it more than Buck himself. Fans of the Buckshot Jamboree joined the parade with their cars decorated and lots of noise and fun. Even the local media, newspapers and tv stations were on hand to record the event, as well as veterans from local posts.

After the parade and dinner party, as you might expect Buck took the stage at the Jamboree building at 7414 Hartman Road, and had his type of fun playing, fiddling, and singing.

The surprise party was organized by his wife Shirley, Deanna Brown, and scores of other regulars of the weekly Jamboree.

Buck values his time in the service, having made trips back to the war scene of the Battle of the Bulge in Europe. Everyone wishes him well!