Galena Park Public Works Quickly Repairs Major Water Leak

By Allan Jamail

December 7, 2023 ~ Galena Park, TX. ~ Due to the fast action and team work of Galena Park Public Works Department and the police department, a major water main line break was quickly fixed.

Julio Bizarro, Superintendent in Galena Park Public Works department, had the help of Police Chief Richard Wagner and the police department in facilitating with the traffic control on the busy 1400 block of Holland Avenue.

Anytime there’s a water leak in a business district, the longer the water is turned off, the greater negative impact on those businesses who are affected and without water.

Terry Bullock (supervisor) and workers Jeremy Castillo and Albert Hardy making the fast repair should be commended. They jumped into action quickly; I could tell they were well trained and experienced.

As a former Jacinto City councilman, I have lots of knowledge in the entire spectrum in the public works arena. Cities’ water pressures usually range from 45 psi (pressure per square inch) to 80 psi. Pressure lower than 45 psi can allow bacteria to enter the drinking water system, causing sicknesses and even death. Pressures over 80 psi will burst older water lines.

Public Works sometimes is overlooked when it comes to pay increases and benefits, but I can testify they are the lifeblood of a city. My roots are in Galena Park, where I was raised and got my grade school education. I was proud to see the level of skill the city’s workers have.

Public Works can’t be substituted for, as police and fire departments can be, where the city can call outside emergency agencies to come handle emergencies. I’m also a fan of the training and courage firemen and police have; they too are sometimes overlooked when pay and benefits are considered.