Galena Park’s Industrial Fire Training

By Allan Jamail

Galena Park, TX. ~ February 20, 2024 ~ Chief Tom Ehlers of the Galena Park Fire Department said his department recently received exceptional fire training provided by the Chevron Pasadena Refining Company.

Chief Ehlers said Chevron provided the GP department’s members with Industrial Fire Brigade Training at TEEX (Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service) in College Station this January.

TEEX is a state extension agency that offers training programs and technical assistance to public safety workers both in Texas and around the world.

Firefighters attended three sessions during the January College Station training course. They trained side by side with members of Chevron Pasadena’s firefighting team. It provides and exposes emergency responders to mock disasters. Firefighters from across the state and nation come there to develop training and practical workforce solutions. What this training program comes down to is saving lives.

The A&M training facility is home to some of the world’s top training facilities which include the emergency preparedness campus. Firefighters gets both hands-on and classroom instructions and training.

“This training provides valuable skills to Chevron’s firefighters and ours on how to deal with and help mitigate fires in many of the facilities around Galena Park. This TEEX training provided firefighters with 20 hours each of Industrial Fire Brigade training and the opportunity to learn valuable skills fighting flammable liquids fires, LPG fires, rail car fires, loading rack fires, and industrial unit fires,” Chief Ehlers said.

Galena Park benefited substantially by receiving the training because it was completely paid for by Pasadena’s Chevron Refining Company.

Ehlers said, “This shows their commitment in making sure that Galena Park’s firefighters can help protect their community and have the training to handle these types of emergencies.”

Chief Tom Ehlers would like to thank Chief Wally Fleming and Chevron Pasadena Refining for their commitment to help make sure Galena Park’s firefighters are well trained and have the skills they need to best serve and protect the community.

In my many conversations with Chief Ehlers, I can say the GP citizenry and city administration has an asset with him at the helm of their fire and rescue department. He is a committed man, determined to do his best to provide the community with the best life-saving services possible.

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