President Noe Esparza, GPISD Trustee

By Allan Jamail

Galena Park, Texas ~ June 4, 2024 ~ It gives me pleasure to bring attention to someone from our community that has achieved success in making a valuable contribution to the North Channel Area.

Noe and his twin brother Erik played little league baseball in Jacinto City with my son Allan Jamail Jr. They were good enough to play on several playoff teams. I remember one night before an important playoff game, their coaches wanted to be sure these star players were well rested and up to their best game. The decision was to have them spend the night at my house; since I was chief of police, the coaches felt surely I could see they went to sleep early and were rested for the big game.

They bedded down on my living room floor and as most 10 and 11 year boys would be, they were excited about the big game and this caused me to be up numerous times during the night to corral them and to demand they knockoff all the cutting up and laughing.

Noe’s wife Angie is the Secretary of Dr. John Moore, GPISD Superintendent. They are very supportive of the schools’ youth activities and are always spotted at most all events and sports activities. She and Noe have two children.

The Esparza children, both GPISD North Shore graduates, are successful in the business world. Cristian is the National Accounts Manager at ZF and Nicolas is a pilot for a private company.

Noe is a graduate of Galena Park High School, San Jacinto College, and University of Houston.

Erik is a teacher and coach for the district. He’s been valuable as a soccer coach, helping to lead the Galena Park Yellowjackets to some big playoff wins.

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