Citizens of Galena Manor want city to reopen Churchill Community Center

Citizens attending the protest at Galena Manor Park at the Eronia Hall Pavillion with their homemade signs.
Citizens attending the protest at Galena Manor Park at the Eronia Hall Pavilion with their homemade signs.

Meeting held to organize protest

Galena Park, TX. May 1, 2017 – Galena Manor residents gathered at the Eronia Hall Pavilion to organize before attending the next council meeting for Tuesday, May 2nd.

Taggy Hall, President of the Galena Manor Civic Club welcomed the people who came to event. She said the Evelyn Churchill Recreation Center is in a historically African American Section of Galena Park. The center has been closed since August 16, 2016. She thanked Constable Chris Diaz for providing Deputy Constable Gary Bonds and the other deputies present.

About a hundred citizens attended to hear community leaders complain about the city’s failure to reopen the Evelyn Churchill Community Center that’s been closed for nine months. The city closed the center due to the discovery of dangerous mold throughout the facility. It’s become a heated issue for months at several council meetings.

Community leaders provided the following comments to the North Channel Star.

Quotes from community leaders to Allan Jamail, writer for the North Channel Star – May 1st & 2nd, 2017

I am so proud of the citizens of Galena Manor. Over one hundred citizens of various ethnic groups attended a rally to support the reopening of the Evelyn Churchill Recreation Center. The center has been unjustly closed by Mayor E. Moya, since August 2016. We have not been given a valid reason for the extensive closure. The senior citizens need a place in the neighborhood to meet for aerobics. Many seniors are no longer able to drive. Therefore, they do not have transportation to an alternative location for aerobics or other senior activities. The citizens must continue to stand up against injustice. Together We Stand, Divided We Fall. – Submitted by: Gloria Joseph

The Galena Manor Rec means the world to me. My parents bought the home I live in on 2nd Street 65 years ago and after living in California for 30 years I retired and moved back to the neighborhood I grew up in and went to school here. Taggy Hall was my teacher and I have nothing but respect for her, she is a strong leader. She encouraged me to attend her Senior Aerobics class and it is the best thing I could have done. I even participated in a dance contest at the Senior Olympics last week. The week I joined, the Rec was closed and has been closed ever since. I had my sweet 16 birthday party there and a lot of other family functions were held there. I am hoping our Mayor comes to reality and realizes what that building mean to the whole community. – Submitted by: Judy Barnes

I’m grateful to be in the audience of the press conference on May 1st. We are waiting for a response from the mayor! We will not be denied! – Submitted by: Linda Clark Watkins

Yesterday evening at the park in Galena Manor several citizens of all ethnic groups turned out to voice their concerns and anger that the mayor of Galena Park has stopped the repair and closed the community building in Galena Manor. It was sad to see all the old people in their 80’s and 90’s still protesting for something that could easily be resolved by Mayor Moya. – Submitted by: Nicholas Joseph

As a long term resident of Galena Manor, Civic Club member, member of various other city wide organization and a very concerned citizen. The Press Conference held on yesterday May 1, 2017 at Evelyn Churchill Community Center is only another method to pressure the Mayor’s administration to complete work started at that location. All I want is to be treated fairly and with respect. This facility is too important to this city and this community for it not to be in full operation for such a long time. – Submitted by: Mr. Elisiah Coreathers

May 1st a neighborhood meeting was held at the Galena Manor Eronia Hall Pavilion. The jest of the meeting was to find out why after almost a year the mayor of Galena Park halted renovations to the Evelyn Churchill Community Bldg in Galena Manor. Mayor Moya has repeatedly given false information or evaded questions concerning this issue. Apparently there is some kind of personal issue between Eric Broussard the Parks Commissioner and the Mayor and she is holding the senior citizens and children hostage by shutting down the building. These old people and children have no one to address their concerns and defend their rights as taxpaying citizens for over five decades. PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP US. – Submitted by: Patricia Joseph

Please Mayor Moya, please open our community building! – Submitted by: Glenda Lauderdale

I feel grateful to the Lord for the energy, excitement and confidence I feel! And I see my Galena Park community feels the same! IT’S A NEW DAY!!! – Submitted by: Rosemary Coreathers