Past Galena Park/Jacinto City Rotary president Abby Abou-Awdi dies

Ibrahim “Abby” Abou-awdi
Ibrahim “Abby” Abou-Awdi

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Galena Park community mourned the death of Rotarian and GPISD employee “Abby” Abou-Awdi. The following Memoriam is written by friend Charlotte Jackson.

We have all heard it said “iron sharpens iron” but sometimes we need that person in our lives that is just a little different to push us to a higher level. This week, our community lost one of these individuals who walked a path different from the majority of us, yet pushed us to a higher level of life.

On Monday, May 29 it was with much sadness that I read the words from Ernesto Paredes, Jr. who serves as the Secretary for the Rotary Club of Galena Park Jacinto City. Our friend and coworker for many in the North Channel Area, Ibrahim “Abby”

Abou-awdi had passed away from that disease that has touched too many of our lives….cancer.

As customary with the Islamic faith, there was a prayer service within hours of Abby’s death and then his body was committed to a grave. He leaves behind his wife Layla as well as two sons Kalial and Adam. Other family members as well as friends from his religious community were joined by members of the Galena Park ISD family, where Abby had served as Lead Director of Facilities Management. There were former coworkers as well as members of the Galena Park Jacinto City Rotary Club which Abby loved deeply.

Not only had he served as President of the Club during the 2007-2008 year, but he continued to serve in many areas of Rotary District 5890, with a special emphasis on membership.

Abby had a contagious smile and warm spirit that you could not help but enjoy being around. He simply made you feel better about life after spending any amount of time with him.

Even on occasions when those of another faith would vocally insult Abby, he ALWAYS took the high road and spoke one word…Shalom. As you go about your daily life, please take time to notice the positive in others instead of looking for the faults. You will be a better person.