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Galena Park opens Woodland Acres Police Substation

Officer James Boyett, Commissioner Barry Ponder, Mayor Esmeralda Moya, Commissioner Rodney Chersky and Officer Jason Adams. (Photo by Allan Jamail)By Allan Jamail

Galena Park, Tx. – Woodland Acres: Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2018 – Galena Park Mayor Esmeralda Moya with City Commissioners Rodney Chersky, Barry Ponder, Interim Police Chief Reese Martin, City Secretary Mayra Gonzales and Economic Development Coordinator Jorge Flores opened a first time ever police substation in the city.

Mayor Moya said, “Enhancing the safety and security of our residents is our top priority. For the last two years Woodland Acres citizens has expressed to me a concern about the long police response time to their subdivision. Today with the support of Commissioners Rodney Chersky and Barry Ponder we’ve taken action that will provide the immediate police presence on a citizen’s call for the police.”

Moya said, “The police officers stationed and working out of the substation will patrol this neighborhood cutting down on crimes such as home burglaries and other thefts. Because of the increase in property values the substation and manning it continuously seven days a week is made possible without a tax increase.”

Commissioner Rodney Chersky said, “With the opening of the new Galena Park Police Substation, this is just another ongoing example of Mayor Moya’s commitment to the citizens and taxpayers of Galena Park. We will remain dedicated to our citizens and continue to make improvements and serve our community to the best of our abilities for as long as we serve in office.”

“Mayor Moya once again is taking a building that was all but forgotten turned it into a functional substation for Galena Park Police. This will essentially cut response time from 10 minutes to 2 minutes,” said Commissioner Barry Ponder.

Interim Police Chief Reese Martin said the new substation will have a positive effect on reducing crime and save citizens from having to drive the long distance to police headquarters to make complaints or reports.

“Thanks to Mayor Moya, Commissioner Ponder and Commissioner Chersky for making this project a reality. Now, citizens of Woodland Acres will have a faster police response and, economically speaking, their property value will also increase, benefiting the entire City of Galena Park,” said Economic Development Coordinator Jorge Flores.