School District Elections Saturday, May 4

By Charlotte Jackson

This week in our community we have two important elections happening. The registered voters in the Channelview ISD have the opportunity to vote on a $195.4 million bond proposal. With the expected growth in the Channelview ISD, Board Members feel there are great needs for replacement schools, program expansions, campus renovations, safety and security improvements as well as technology improvements, new buses and land purchases for future school site.

If approved, the estimated maximum tax impact is 11.75 cents for a total tax rate of $1.5135. (This is approximately a $9.30 monthly increase for the average home valued at $120,000.

Residents who are over the age of 65, who have filed their exemption will not have to pay any additional property taxes associated with this bond.

The replacement schools will address the aging needs of campuses and the need for additional capacity for the elementary level. There will be a replacement school for DeZavala Elementary as well as a replacement school to combine both Cobb Elementary and Schochler Elementary.

The growth and program expansion will include a new Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center Addition as well as a new auditorium and athletic facilities additions and renovations.

The safety and security upgrades will address the needs for controlled entrances at each campus as well as security cameras. There will be an enclosed connections between Channelview High School and Kolarik.

In the ever changing world of technology, there are needs for Chromebook refresh, classroom projector refresh, cafeteria projects and specialized technology for elementary students. With the growth in the Channelview area, it is also necessary to begin to plan for new school sites. The need to purchase land now is very important. In addition, the there is a need for additional buses to provide safe transportation for the children.

Any registered voter within the Channelview ISD who did not participate in Early Voting, will be eligible to vote at any Harris County Voting Location. In the CVISD, there are two voting locations which include the North Channel Library as well as the Joyce Hendrix Administration Building. (If you are not able to get to either of these between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., you can check to find another location.)


In Galena Park ISD, there is also an important election for two positions on the Board of Trustees. This is the first election in a number of years that the incumbent candidates have had anyone running for the position as well. It is important that the registered voters in Galena Park ISD research the candidates for both open positions and decide for themselves who to vote for and then to go vote on Saturday. Unlike the Channelview ISD Election, this elections is being held by Galena Park ISD and to find your voting location, you will need to contact them prior to Saturday. There will be six poling locations which will all have a combination of Voting Precincts assigned to the location.

No matter which school district you live in, it is important that you exercise your right to vote. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.