North Shore stuns Westfield with Hail Mary field goal, wins 24-21

North Shore’s field goal kicker John Villalobos split the goal posts defeating Westfield as the clock expired 24 -21.

By Allan Jamail

Friday, September 13, 2019 at the Galena Park ISD football stadium, the North Shore Mustangs came from behind late in the fourth quarter to tie the game 21 to 21. A Westfield fumble gave North Shore the ball with less than a minute. They moved the ball within field goal range for kicker John Villalobos, who kicked the game winning 3 points in a thriller, beating the Westfield Mustangs 24 -21.

It’s not over till it’s over. In a similar game ending play, North Shore won the Football State Championship over Duncanville from a Hail Mary Pass, 41-36.

Story originally (above) posted Sep 15, 2019, and updated (below) Sep 19, 2019:

In the first quarter, Westfield scored first and led North Shore 7-0. Then North Shore’s quarterback Dematrius Davis, the first player this season to score on the Westfield’s defense, ran for 42 yards tying the game, 7-7.

Westfield came back to take the lead 14-7 with 12 seconds left in the 1st quarter on a 51 yard pass play.

Roger Hagan scored for North Shore from the 5 yard line for the only score in the 3rd quarter. On a controversial call for the extra point kick by John Villalobos, Westfield led by 1 point, 14-13. North Shore fans and some coaches disagreed with the referees’ extra point call, saying the kicked ball skimmed over the post. A MaxPreps football reporter watching the game posted that the ball went through the goal posts and said the referees made a bad call.

Westfield scored early in the 4th quarter, putting the score 21-13, giving them an 8 point lead over North Shore.

With a little over 2 minutes left in the game, North Shore’s John Gentry scored on a 51 yard Dematrius Davis pass-play, setting up a 2 point attempt to tie the game. On the next play, Davis hit receiver Charles King with a pass for 2 points, tying the game 21-21.

Westfield got the kickoff, and a few plays later, their sophomore quarterback Cardell Williams fumbled, turning the ball over to North Shore with less than 2 minutes.

North Shore’s Coach Jon Kay had his Mustangs use up the clock, running the ball and moving it into field goal range and into the center of the field. He called timeout with 2 seconds left in the game.

John Villalobos, kicked a 33 yard field goal, defeating Westfield as the clock expired, 24-21.