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Eileen Brightwell named GP/JC Rotarian of the Year

Outgoing Rotary Club president Marcos Ramos presents the Rotarian of the Year Award to local dentist Eileen Brightwell.

New officers installed

GALENA PARK – The Galena Park/Jacinto City Rotary Club held their Installation and Awards ceremony in June, with much of it a virtual style.

However, the club presented the Rotarian of the Year, the most prestigious club award, to Eileen Brightwell, a long-time member. Eileen is a local dentist in Jacinto City, and will be the club’s Public Relations officer in the coming year. She has held many positions for the club over the years.

New officers and directors were also installed. These include Juan Flores, president; Brian Shepard, president elect; Jennifer Ledwith, treasurer; Maria Cortez-Ochoa, internation service director; Ernesto Paredes, Jr., Rotary Foundation director; Eileen Brightwell, public relations; Bryan Clements, membership chair; and Marcos Ramos, past president.

In a traditional ceremony, Outgoing club president Marcos Ramos passes the gavel of Authority to the new president of the GP/JC Rotary Club, Juan Flores.

Installing officer was Bryan Clements, and the ceremony was held at the First Baptist Church, F. Batiste Church, in Galena Park. The club meets twice per month on Tuesday lunch hour, and invites new potential members if you are interested in the community projects and social network of the club. Contact Bryan Clements at 832-386-4255 or any Rotarian.