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FLOODING RELIEF: Precinct 2 cleans 1 million feet of ditches

Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia explains that cleaning ditches prevents future flooding, and is his priority. He credits the public works crews in the background for their hard work, even through the Pandemic.

Harris County PCT. 2 — Since being elected into office, Commissioner Adrian Garcia has made drainage maintenance a major priority. This week, he celebrated the completion of 1 million linear feet of ditching in Precinct 2.

Roadside ditching and drainage maintenance improves water conveyance to drainage outfalls, which helps in the reduction of potential flooding for residents and businesses. Without proper maintenance, standing water can penetrate and seep under road surfaces causing deterioration, which in turn, requires more frequent, costly road repairs, and neighborhood flooding. Many neighborhoods that have not been serviced in years now have clean, excavated ditches.

Commissioner Garcia stated, “I am so proud of the Precinct 2 family for this outstanding achievement. When I tasked our team to clear 1 million linear feet of ditches, I frankly thought it might be out of reach. Not only have we gotten to a million feet, we did it 2 months ahead of schedule! What we’ve accomplished in one year is collectively more than had been done in the previous two years combined. The hard work of my office will make a huge difference to reduce the risk of Precinct 2 neighborhoods flooding.”

As a comparison, in 2017 Precinct 2 completed just over 200,000 linear feet of drainage maintenance. In 2019, Commissioner Garcia’s first year in office, the Public Works team completed over 500,000 LF of ditching. And this year, despite the pandemic and having one of the busiest hurricane seasons, the team accomplished the goal of 1,000,000 linear feet two months ahead of schedule. This is an extraordinary accomplishment thanks to a committed team. The geographic areas of focus for the ditching program included: Baytown, Channelview, Crosby, Pasadena, Huffman/Atascocita, Aldine, Barrett as well as several others.

A Precinct 2 Gradall machine is the tool that is used to remove debris blocking the ditches and keeping them from draining. Blocked ditches are a major factor in causing flooding in Precinct 2 neighborhoods.

For video of the event surrounding the millionth linear feet dug, please visit the Harris County Precinct 2 Facebook Page. (

Commissioner Garcia encourages the community to visit his website and submit service request if they need support with their drainage or for any other issues. Please visit and click on red “SERVICE REQUEST” button.