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Commissioner Garcia’s “Turkey Thursday”

At Grayson Community Center, Pct. 2 Staff posed with turkeys as they got ready to give them to local families.

By Jada Mier

Harris County Precinct 2 — THURSDAY, November 19, 2020, Commissioner Garcia hosted “Turkey Thursday,” where he distributed turkeys to registered families. Each of 10 locations gave out 140 turkeys. This is the first time in Harris County history a precinct distributed a total of 1,400 turkeys in one day. “Turkey Thursday” was a project in prior years held exclusively at Irvington Park, but this year spread out across ten community sites.

Grayson Community Center was one of 10 Harris County Precinct 2 Community Centers to host this event. Staff members of Precinct 2’s Lean Grayson Community center worked distributing turkeys from 5-7 pm. Mario Anzaldua said this accommodation was made among the staff due to the heightening COVID-19 risks. He explained that there is always “fluff,” meaning extras, ten people who registered after the original 140 slots had been taken would also be receiving a turkey. Harris Health, also stationed at the location, gave out small bags of health products. Masks and hand sanitizer were given to all participants. After only an hour, 105 turkeys had been successfully given out.

Anzaldua said that this was not the only event happening this weekend, though. On Friday, November 20, 2020, Commissioner Garcia gave out 500 family food distributions. In addition to the 1,400 turkeys already given out, there was an additional 500 distributed on Saturday, November 21, 2020, at Irvington Park. “Turkey Thursday” is possible thanks to a partnership with non-profit Precinct2Gether, HEB Grocery Stores, and Partners in Primary Care.