Citizens in Galena Park protest city’s secrecy

By Jennifer Knesek
Dolcefino Consulting

Galena Park City Commissioner Maricela Serna led a community protest Tuesday, June 15, 2021, at noon as the city pool opened for the summer.

The protest was not against the opening of the pool, she said, but how the opening of the pool highlights the secrecy at Galena Park City Hall.

“The pool is opening but Mayor Esmeralda Moya refuses to open up City Hall for public meetings,” said Commissioner Maricela Serna. “She has used the pandemic to hide the truth from the Galena Park taxpayers.”

Serna wanted the Galena Park City Council to debate the opening of City Hall at Tuesday evening’s meeting, but the city secretary refused to add the secrecy fight to the agenda.

Commissioner Serna claims she has been repeatedly muted during the eight-minute-long council meetings so she can not speak on certain contracts.

“What started as a safety measure has now been turned into a way to hide public business in Galena Park,” Serna said.

The protest is announced as Dolcefino Consulting files a formal criminal complaint against Mayor Esmerelda Moya, City Secretary Mayra Gonzales, and City Attorney Robert Collins for withholding public records.

“We have informed the Galena Park Mayor of our widening investigation, which already uncovered the City of Galena Park had a $705,000 unpaid water bill owed to the City of Houston,” said Wayne Dolcefino. “We have received allegations water bills were manipulated for the Mayor and her supporters.”

The Galena Park pool protest happened at the splash pad across from the City Pool, 1600 16th Street, at noon on Tuesday, June 15, 2021.