GP/Ace Hardware & Houston ToolBank donate student desks


Galena Park, TX – On June, 10, 2023, Kiran Bardal, the Galena Park Ace Hardware Owner, and Marly Maskill, Executive Director of Houston Tool-Bank, co-sponsored a free student desk give-away event.

Bardal recently told NC Star writer Allan Jamail, “Galena Park Ace Hardware has been faithfully serving the Galena Park / Jacinto City community’s since we opened our door during the peak of the deadly Covid pandemic virus in April 2020.”

“In a span of three years we have always been there for the communities through one disaster after another. The Hurricane threats, the freeze of February 2021 and December 2022, all while being the go-to place to get life-saving pandemic-related essential supplies.”

“Our dedicated team worked through the power outage during the deadly freeze of 2022 using flashlights in their hands in order to help suffering customers in need of our materials and supplies.”

“We feel proud of the value we’ve added to the surrounding communities needs and plan to remain an essential part of the lives of our customers for years to come,” Bardal said.

Marly Maskill, Executive Director of The Houston ToolBank (HTB), said, “We’re grateful for the opportunity given us to partner with Galena Park Ace Hardware to build free desks for students in the Galena Park ISD area. We were blown away by all of the community members who came out to volunteer in support this initiative, and we look forward to doing more projects in Galena Park/Jacinto City area.”

The HTB serves community-based organizations by providing tools, equipment, and expertise to empower their most ambitious goals. Some 11,000 projects have been completed, such as community development projects including painting schools, helping veterans, building wheelchair ramps and playgrounds, and landscaping public areas.

The HTB has shown that when they put high-quality tools in the hands of volunteers, their members are able to do more for their communities – whether through home repair, days of service, or charitable events. Since operations began in 2014, the Houston ToolBank has equipped 290,000+ volunteers across 1,100+ organizations to complete 23,000+ projects.

The HTB has over 375 member agencies. The number of nonprofits supported has expanded every year as more and more charities, community groups and first responders join for free.

To become a member or to see if they can help your organization and or answer your questions call 713-674-0262. They strictly work by appointments only.

To learn more about the HTB or how you can become a HTB partner visit:

The Galena Park Ace Hardware is located at 1401 Holland Ave, Galena Park, TX 77547, phone: 832-740-4940. For hours, directions and materials and supplies visit: