JC Heritage Hall seniors get free grooming

North Channel Star

Jacinto City ~ July 25, 2023 ~ The members of Jacinto City’s Heritage Hall are blessed in receiving free hair cuts and grooming. Elizabeth Flores the director of Heritage Hall said the members get free haircuts because of the kind hearts of a beautician and barber volunteering their services.

Blanca Reyes, a beautician and cosmetologist, and Jorge Pesina, a barber, come to the facility once a month and donate their time and services to ensure the ladies and men are kept well groomed. Both Reyes and Pesina are licensed by the state and have all health requirements required to take care of those wanting their services and care.

Blanca and Pesina say they want to help those who cannot otherwise afford a haircut to stay groomed.

Pesina said, “I’m following in my grandfather Alfonso Flores’ footsteps, who was a barber for 35-40 years.”

Jorge can be reached for an appointment at: 832-633-4060 or jorgepesina18@gmail.com.

Blanca said, “I love what I do.”

She can be contacted for an appointment at: 832-891-1313 or Blancabeauty71@gmail.com.

Director Flores said this service is only available on a specific date and restricted to members only. The public who are not members will not be given this service.

Seniors living in the nearby area of Jacinto City can become a member of the hall at no cost. Interested seniors must make out an application and comply with the programs rules and policies.

Members are entitled to free lunches, refreshments, games and activities daily, Monday through Friday. For more information call: 713-554-9046 or elizabeth.flores@jacintocitytx.gov or visit: www.jacintocity-tx.gov/heritage-hall-senior-center.