Texans Coach Ryans is longtime fixture in North Channel

HOUSTON, TX. ~ On July 9 at the Fifth Ward Church of Christ, church members DeMeco Ryans (the new Texans pro-football head coach) and his wife Jamila and church members Allan and Linda Jamail got together after their Bible class for some socializing and fellowship.

The Ryans attended Fifth Ward Church of Christ as singles before their marriage.

North Channel Star writer Allan Jamail said he was proud of both DeMeco and Jamila for their devotion and loyalty to the church. With all the activities the new coach and his wife Jamila have they always make sure on Sundays to be in church and have their three children (DeMeco Jr., Micah & Xia) at church and in Bible school.

DeMeco became the Texans head coach January 31, 2023 (Texans 6th). He has so many football achievements, there are too many to put in this article.

“Having a professional head coach title is pretty awesome, but I know DeMeco well  enough to say he values the title of Christian above all else,” Jamail said.

Allan Jamail said, “I have good memories of DeMeco presenting a Sunday Worship Service Sermon. He’s good with the Bible and talented on getting its message delivered accurately. And I also remember DeMeco getting into the baptistery and doing baptizing.”

Allan takes pride in his ability to cook soul food, especially mustard greens with smoked ham hocks and smoked turkey necks.

“The Ryan’ ate some of my greens at a church fellowship. Afterwards Jamila wanted my recipe that I wouldn’t share, so I made them a pot of them, and the following Sunday when DeMeco gave me back my empty pot and said they sure were good. I learned how to cook greens from Lille Mae, a Black lady my mom had take care of me when she was at work,” Allan said.

Both the Ryans and the Jamails have been members for many years at the Fifth Ward Church of Christ located at 4308 Stonewall Street. To learn more about the church visit: www.fwcoc.org.