Stingarees Spoil Yellow Jackets Homecoming

Texas City 35 – Galena Park 0

By Allan Jamail

Houston, TX. – September, 21, 2023 at the GPISD stadium, the visiting Texas City Stingarees spoiled the Yellow Jackets homecoming game, with a 35 – 0 score in the District 9-5A-II football opener. The Jackets are 2-2 and the Stingarees are 3-0.

Coach Spiro Amarantos’ football team couldn’t seem to get a good start and get traction to make the game competitive. They have good ball carriers but are lacking in the passing game. They made lots of first downs, but when the goal line seemed to be within reach, they failed to muster the critical first down play to score.

On the first series with the Jackets taking the opening kickoff, they easily moved down the field. Then when it looked like they were moving well enough to score, they got bogged down and had to turn the ball over on downs. This happened repeatedly in the game. The Texas City defense bent but didn’t break on Galena Park’s first three possessions.

If the Jackets ever develop a passing game, then I think they’ll move consistently into the top of their district. Jackets offense: 155 yards rushing and 34 yards passing. With a tricky run-or-pass offense, the Stingarees had 163 rushing yards and 147 passing. The passing game made the difference.

The Jackets defense played hard as always and kept the game within reach, with a 14 – 0 score at halftime. The defense was on the field too much and eventually tired to where the Stings excelled on passing and running.

This is the second season since they were moved into the highly competitive district and having to compete with some of the top teams in the state.

The Yellow Jackets have a 2-2 record and on Thursday, September 28th @ 7 pm they travel to Fort Bend Willowridge High School at Hall Stadium to play the Eagles with a 2-1 record.